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Enterprise IT Platform


pluto informatics focuses on architecturing, building and runnig reliable and secure internal IT platforms — essential for getting constant value from your LOB applications

speed up value creation and build a cost-effective ecosystem for enterprise applications hosting and integrations with help of pluto informatics services

adopt SaaS, develop or modernize your applications with help of pluto informatics’s partners network

community services

Invisible IT

join our community to work on problems related to building and architecting IT platforms

Startup Consultation

make the right decisions about your IT early, ask for a first free consultation

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Consulting & Delivery Services

benefit from services delivered by our experts

Your Services

develop a custom service offer for your product or consulting agency

Commercial Support

commercial support for our community services

Best Solution

find a solution for your specific problem with a fully custom approach

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SaaS Potential

resolve your problems with SaaS

Custom Application

modernize or develop a custom application